Money Saving Tips for Travelers

Travel related expenses can be overwhelming and intimidating. Contrary to popular belief, taking a trip does not always have to break the bank. With a little research and thrifty thinking, any traveler can save like a local. Here are five saving tips for travelers on a budget.

1. Save on Airfare
Flying to a destination can often be the most expensive part of a trip. Using flight comparison websites such as Yapta will help travelers save where it counts. Yapta allows customers to book flights when air fare is low, as well as get refunds when prices drop. Real time iPhone alerts allow customers to track flight prices on the go through the Yapta app. Having a site that compares flight prices saves time, and allows the traveler to see the most competitive prices available to them.

2. Don’€™t Book with a Full Price Hotel
Just because one is trying to travel on a budget doesn’t mean they can’t stay at a unique place at the same time. With over 500,000 listings worldwide, Airbnb is a self proclaimed marketplace for travelers and renters alike. With Airbnb one can stay in a high-priced desirable area, for a fraction of the cost. The site’€™s search tools allow travelers to search for an entire place, private room, or shared room. Airbnb also offers an extensive look at the potential accommodations as well as a description and rating of the potential host. Airbnb is a great way to experience a city and meet new people!

3. Sign up for a Travel Related Credit Card
Credit cards that offer perks such as air miles, or double-the-points on dining out can be a great way to essentially get free money. If travelers find that a credit card is a necessary part of life, applying for one that gives great rewards may even earn them a free flight. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card allows users to earn 2x the points per dollar spent on travel and dining, as well as no foreign transaction fees. Additionally, looking into a credit card for a particular airline’€™s benefits, such as Delta or American Airlines, can also compliment a traveler’s budget. A card that rewards members with points can truly benefit them in the long run.

4. Utilize Public Transportation
Taking the train to visit another country while in Europe, or the metro while in a busy city are simple and easy ways to save on expenses. Taking numerous taxis and flights can rack up quickly. Using public transportation like a local will save visitors time and cash, and allow them to experience the area the way those that live there do.

5. Visit the Grocery Store
If travelers have a packed itinerary of sightseeing and exploring, hitting the grocery store as soon as they reach their hotel will be a great way to save money. Stocking up on food from a local grocery store will also allow travelers to pack food for the day if they don’€™t plan to return to their accommodations for a long period of time. Designating which meals travelers will eat out each day will still allow them to experience the cuisine but save money on meals such as breakfast or mid-day snacks.

These travel tips will help travelers save without feeling like they have missed out.